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Changing to another link....

Before I go and take a short rest (due to flu and a bad stomach), maybe I should just say something in here...

I am going to "move house". Meaning that whatever I had in here, I will be moving to another place. I will only probably be writing things relating to my wonderful journey as I slowly cross towards the 24th year mark next year.  Uploading of photos MIGHT be guaranteed, the "ching-changs" that you can find in my new journal, as well as, writing my journey as a Musician (and Educator), and possibly, entries about my travels and maybe a food entry or two (or maybe even more)

Even though I haven't been updating for a very, VERY long time but once again, thank you for being all the time, here with me. Yes, I do find Livejournal very easy to handle but I guess, I feel that it's time to move on to something better and bigger...

I might not want to post my newest journal link as I would only want my journal to be read by a few only (that can be count on the fingers), so... yeah. :)

Thank you once again and all the best wishes to you, my readers!

Adieus and till then, see you around!

I think...

I think it's time for me to move on and go on to a better one.

Don't bother to find out where I am going to place all of my future entries. Probably I would not want to write anymore down.

This would be the last that I am going to write in my Livejournal. After that, it would be somewhere else.

Till then, thank you for all the memories, for the patience for reading my long entries for the past 5 years.

Adieus! Ciao!


I have got burning questions in my mind right now. Philosophically thinking questions...

Why music has to be that logical? Why can't music play the way just as it is? Do applying specific expressions have to be so logical and so technical to the fact that it will kill off the person's musical soul and intuition as time goes by?

Can anyone answer those questions for me above? Hmmmm... =S
I have burnt the weekend... for Orkestra Melayu Singapura. But it's worthwhile.

This is the first time that I had ever work alongside with Orkestra Melayu Singapura and my first time as a performer on the stage of the Esplanade Concert Hall. It's kind of weird to see myself performing on the stage when all along, I have always been the audience. But nevertheless, it's a great experience and I had a great working relationship with this orchestra.

We've been preparing for the concert like there's no tomorrow and we only officially started the rehearsals like... I think... 3 months ago. In a short-span of 1 and 1/2 hours, we had to perform 13 songs in different themes. At first, I had to struggle with the fact that my weekends are going to get burnt because of the concert preparation but as the momentum started coming in, I am getting used to it.

Saturday's rehearsal and sound-check at the Esplanade Concert Hall is something that KILLS everyone of us in the Orchestra. We had never expected technical errors and because of that, we are being held back for 20 minutes and won't start the full-run till nearly 10pm. There are quite a number of dramatic events along the way like nearly losing our passes and mobilizing the managers to find our passes, technical errors, tempers flying around (that's for me, on the concert day itself that unknowingly 'flew' to Raymond because of the stress of finalizing our bow markings..), costumes missing from the rack and many more. Everything had to go 'chop-chop-and-get-it-done-fast'.

We still managed to pull through, I guess.

It was a very well-received concert, and this is the first time that I had ever performed in front of a full-house. The audience are very welcoming and escastic to see their celebrities performing. The orchestra arrangements are beautifully written and we are very hyped up for the concert. Truly enjoying ourselves and forgetting our worries, I like that. And it seems that God gave us this beautiful moment because before we started our concert, I get Adele to say a word of prayer before entering the Hall.

It's an experience that I will never truly forget.

1 and 1/2 hours of concert and before we knew it, it was gone. I had thought that I had seen a standing ovation from somewhere in the dark and that's way before the lights are being switched back on and the audience started leaving. I am beginning to miss OMS and the times spent at the Esplanade and at PA. If given an opportunity again, I would really love to do it again. It's something that is close to my heart; it's part of my heritage.

On the lighter note, I've heard that the camera had video-ed me on the screen quite a number of times. When I heard that (even from my newfound friend of mine), I went," Oh my goodness..." Just never loved the attention but... oh wells.. :) 

Had supper with a newfound friend that I've made during my duration of the NIE course that I am attending, and shared many things of ourselves. It's a great fellowship on getting to know each other better and had found out many things about him, that of course, I am not goign to share in here. I am glad to have him as my friend though. :) 

Fatique starts kicking in now and my fingers are still numbed from all the playing...not when we had spent 11 hours rehearsing non-stop on Saturday and another 13 hours playing non-stop on Sunday. I am experiencing giddy spells and I think, my cough is back. So I need to get back my resting momentum.

Everything seems to happen in a flash. I don't know whether I could ever get back to my normal routine, but I will always try that.

Thank you, OMS... I really enjoy playing with you guys. Hopefully, I could get to work with you guys again. :) 

For now, I need to get my ass off the chair, shower and make my way down to SGH to be in charge of a quartet performance... something that has becomes quite an issue. I shall not elaborate any further.



Okay, I am feeling so damn cranky now. Not that when I've just completed the Orkestra Melayu Singapura's concert rehearsal that stretch from 4pm to like... 10pm.

6 hours of rehearsal with an hour long of dinner break and half an hour of tea break. And there's another round tomorrow.

So shagged. @.@...

On a lighter note,  Kenneth and I had cello lessons yesterday and it seems that there is a great news. My cello teacher had mentioned to both of us that we should get our Grade 6-8 ABRSM scales and arpeggios book and once we're done with Bach Suite No. 1, to move onto Romantic period pieces. He has one of the Tchaikovsky's cello epic pieces in mind for me but for Kenneth, he is still thinking. Whooooo-weeee... Tchaikovsky... Really, really can't wait to touch that! :D

He also mentioned to us that it is also time that we should prepare for Grade 8 examination. Double yayness to that!


Really, really can't wait for the day to come though.................

For now, it's time for me to sleep for a while before waking up again to do my work. Assignments galore, awaiting for me to COMPLETE! @.@...



Hello world. I am back from the dead. And I want to take this opportunity to be re-alive in this long-neglected Livejournal of mine.

So oxy-moronic me, right? Well, this is how much energy that this 3 months CRAMMED up Allied Educator course had taken away from me day by day, week by week and by each LECTURER as well.

First week, we have completed tests that is so fast-forwarded that none of us in the lecture theatre even had the right amount of energy to listen to the next part of the lectures. Second week, we have this CRANK LECTURER that pops out from nowhere (don't bother asking me which school she's heading now..) that indirectly demanded for high standards for our assignments and participations, which FOR THE FIRST TIME OF MY LIFE, I HAD NEVER CHIONG 5 ASSIGNMENTS AT A SPAN OF 4 FREAKING DAYS! 

And now what, the third week... Attending a topic lesson under the module of Educational Psychology 1 called  'Social Context in Teaching & Learning', for which I seconded that lesson to a Social Studies class; I still had no idea why that topic has to be under Educational Psychology 1.......~ What...? Psyching us to understand how much and why Singapore's education has changed over the years?

Nah, I refused to be psyched at that. Sorry to say, but, as much as I really agree that our education system is top of the world and I do admire the facts and figures on how much we've changed... but still, there are loopholes that I still shudder upon.

I have learnt lots and understand better in teaching contexts. But I am losing sleep too.

"5 days of lectures, only 2-3 hours of sleep that I have received." This has become my favourite statement from my mouth whenever people asked... and it has never failed to stop at that.

The best part? I can still be that 'jumpy' enough to say good morning to my coursemates. Wow.

Conclusion? I need lots of sleep.

Knowledge? PRICELESS.



This is how my schedule is going to be like from next week onwards....

1) Monday-Friday's morning/late afternoon: NIE lectures/Research for assignments

2) Monday-Friday's evening/night: Research for assignments/Quartet/Orchestra rehearsals

3) Friday's evening/night: Cello lesson.

4) Saturday's morning/late afternoon: Teaching

5) Sunday's morning/early afternoon: Teaching & attending my piano lesson.

RIP... Rest in Peace, Marilyn.

>.<... *faint*


It's not a joke... to face tons of inventories that needed to be updated. And if you think SE's inventory is worse, then look at mine. 

I think my head has been blasted after 4 hours of sitting down (excluding teaching time) in front of my workspace's lappy, facing figures and inventory stuff.

And I've realized... Just as much as I really want this to be over, it's not over yet. NOT AT ALL. *brawls*... :''''( 

Enough. I am heading down to Laselle for much music therapy respite with my friends. We're playing Tchaikovksy today! And guess what? We're sight-reading out from his Quartet No. 1's score.

Wow. =) 

[Edited as of 4.54pm: I've realized that I really need to call the Epistage Office to arrange for a meeting together with my colleague and me... I don't want to drag till tomorrow... =(...]


Saying Something

I want to say something after reading an entry in a blog about international celebrities taking up Singapore citizenship.

But I would rather, keep it to myself.

I am tired, but not as tired as last week. And I still got like 3-4 periods to wait till my first class arrives at 10am.

And yes, I could not wait for my dinner date tonight. Yay! :) 

AND YES, I could NOT wait for FRIDAY to arrive. Half-day. Can practice my piano & cello even more. :) 

AND YES, I need to plan my practice schedule. With such tight working schedule, I just feel an urgent need to plan my practice schedule. I am already not progressing very fast enough on my pieces due to tight schedules so no more impromptu practice sessions & procastinations. Once planned, I have to stick to it.

I just simply don't want to let myself down when I know that I could actually do them well, if I really, really want to. Besides, I really agree to what my instrumental teachers said to me,"...Doing music is not a bed of roses. You just got to push yourself even harder if you really want to do music for life..."

AND YES, regardless on the fact that my aural skills are improving leaps and bounds ever since I started taking up cello lessons professionally 3 years ago, I still need to improve my aural skills even more. My piano teacher pointed out that to me yesterday... but I thought that I've heard from her that I've improved much better since the last time she sees me? @@.... 

Yikes. I need to reorganize my timetable and to impose a greater self-discipline on my own.

And how many times have I said,"AND YES?"


I had spent 2 and 1/2 hours in front of my computer, iTunes, tableload full of CDs (and that includes my colleague's pack of CDRs for me to burn)... just to play my own CDs, doing selections, reviewing them all over again before burning them into a compliation and rewriting/interpretating some of the Chinese words into English for my colleague doesn't understand Chinese. 

I had an overdosage of many music genres throughout the wee hours of the morning.. and that's part 1. Part 2 will be done during the weekends. By the time Monday arrives, I will have to stay away from many genres that are related to the N-Level Music Listening Syllabus for at least 2 weeks or so, so as to give myself some break away from certain genres.

Argh... My room's getting messier anyway. Room has become a work-related office. By the way, I have no laptop or computer system in school, and the best part? My laptop had aready CRASHED so I will only really work... at home with my desktop computer. How excellent.

Now, I am going to think.... HOW AM I GOING TO CLEAR ALL OF MY CDs AWAY FROM MY TABLE?! 

(And during the weekends, I am going for some CD & music-related posters shopping...........)




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